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Welcome to our Custom Scarf Design Gallery. These are samples of Custom Scarves with matching ties. Silk Scarves are popular accessories and Women’s Scarves are customizable just like Men’s Ties. If you see some Custom Ladies Scarves or Head Scarves that catch your eye, please give us a call at 1-800-998-8437 and we can go over the possibilities with you.

All scarves are printed, either screen printed or digitally printed.  If they require many colors, it is more cost effective to digitally print since we are charged per screen color.


We offer two materials, either polyester or silk.  Silk is a more premium material but the polyester is also nice.  Depending on their use, you can recommend one or the other.  Many schools go with poly since it is more cost effective and the students wear their ties A LOT.

When you order your custom tie, it isn’t only the design and material (silk vs. polyester), that is customizable.  You are able to choose the width of your tie, current fashion width is running 3.5 inches wide, but many customers want to cut their ties on the thinner side, either 3.0 inches wide or 3.25 inches wide.  If you are going for the very skinny look, it would be about 2.50-2.75 inches wide.  We also offer XL ties which give the customer an extra 4 inches per tie at no extra cost, you can make this part of your minimum order.  For example, you can order 40 regular length ties(about 58 inches long) and 10 XL ties or any combination to get to the minimum order.  As part of the tie order, you can also have 40 regular ties made and 10 bow ties made (of the same fabric/design).  These are very customizable, the possibilities/combinations are limitless.  We also offer ascots or crossovers for the women, these can be placed as part of the order.

Our scarves can be cut at any width, standard sizes are a 36 inch square or a 12 x 54(oblong shape) scarf.  Many people are trending to go for a longer/wider scarf an an extra charge but all of these sizes are customizable.

“Seasonless” Fabrics
unnamedBy “seasonless” we mean all the classic fabrics that can be worn in any of the four seasons of the year. The first fabric that comes to mind here is silk. Silk is a natural fiber that dates back to the 27th century BC in China. Amazingly, during the 5,000+ years that silk has been used, not much has changed in its production. Silk is made from the cocoons of silk worms (first picture above) that are farmed (mostly in China) in the millions. On average each silk worm (2nd picture) produces 1,500 – 3,000 feet of fine, raw silk. To get a single pound of raw silk over 2,000 worms have to get to work – this translates to about 150 per necktie. Now, if you are an animal lover then you may want to think twice about buying a silk tie since all these 150 worms are killed during the silk production.

Cheap Synthetics & Silk Imitations
unnamed (1)If the above paragraph got you thinking about buying ties made from something other than silk, then the following fabrics might be good alternatives. Advances in synthetic fibers now offer many man-made, “vegan friendly” fabrics that come very close in look and feel to genuine silk. In fact, they often offer additional advantages: they are cheaper, they take on dyes more easily (meaning they are available in more colors), usually don’t wrinkle as easily, and are a bit more stain resistant. The two most common synthetics used on neckties are polyester and microfiber. Polyester is cheaper in price, but also in look. A better choice is microfiber. A quality microfiber tie will look almost identical to silk, but will cost less than half the price.


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