Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to some frequently asked questions about our Ties. Designing and manufacturing Custom Neckties affords both cost savings and flexibility. From Men’s Ties to Ladies Scarves, we can design anything your imagination can envision.
How long is the entire process from start to finish?

Normally eight to ten weeks are required BUT most of the time we can accommodate quicker deliveries at NO EXTRA Charge.

Who designs my custom neckware?

We can work with your art department — or our artists will do the design work.

Can you match colors?

We can come very close to PMS color matching However, exact color is not guaranteed: the PMS colors are for printing on paper, but we use fabric.

What are your billing terms?

With approved credit, we will bill your company after delivery of the ties and scarves. Our terms are term 10 days.

Do you guarantee delivery by a specific date?

If we accept your order subject to delivery by a specific date, then you have the option to reject the order if the delivery terms are not met.

I am a new customer. How many ties or scarves can I order?

Your minimum order is 50 ties/scarves, you can’t combine this number and make 25 ties/25 scarves, they require two very different processes to make these products.  The absolute minimum we can do is 30 ties/30 scarves, this would incur a $3.00 surcharge per tie and a $5.00 surcharge per scarf.  Learn more about SCARVES and TIES.

What is “Corporate Textiles”?

We always answer, “Corporate Textiles,” that is our official name but our website is  People may ask if this is Shop4ties, they may also ask if you are the tie people, custom tie makers, etc.

I want to make an order. What do you need?

We will ask you to send your logo(either in an AI(adobe illustrator) or an .eps file format.  These are both vector art files which allows the artist to resize and make any necessary changes with out recreating the logo.  If you don’t have either of these, you can send us a high resolution jpeg, we can always have a company vector their logos. Tell us if you have colors in mind or certain PMS (pantone-this is a universal color chart) colors that their company/organization may use.  These are identified as numbers (ex: PMS 180, PMS 116, etc).

4 Easy Steps: Order Custom Ties, Bow ties, or Scarves

Initial Contact

After your initial call or email showing interest, we’ll send you samples of our custom ties and scarves so that you can both see and touch the quality of our products.  Samples are the best way to be able to see the fine workmanship first hand.

Artist’s Concept

OK, you’ve decided that custom neckwear is the perfect incentive or promotional product for your company. The only problem, you aren’t a designer and don’t quite know which direction to go in.  Leave it to our artists to provide you with unique and creative designs, all you have to do is select your favorite.

Final Artwork

Before we manufacture your neckwear, we want to be sure you’re completely happy with the design, so we submit final artwork for your approval. Our artist’s rendering is an accurate digital representation of what your neckwear will look like. Your satisfaction is key to our success!


Three to four weeks after you approve the production proof, your order will be delivered. Our normal lead time from artist’s concept to finished neckwear is eight to ten weeks. However, we can usually accommodate your special time limits.

Contact Our Experienced Design Team


We’ll guide you through the process of designing and ordering your Custom Ties.

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