Family-Owned & Operated Since 1982


We are Customer-Focused

Shop4ties is a family run company that designs and manufactures custom ties, scarves, Hawaiian shirts, and more. We’re proud that our products help brand and unify groups from many industries and organizations.  From your initial contact with our sales team, to the talented custom designs that our artists create, and finally to delivering our high-quality products, we want each customer’s experience with us to be nothing short of exceptional.

We are a Family-Run Business

Shop4ties was founded in the basement of Arnie Kapp’s house just outside of Chicago, Illinois in 1982.  Arnie started by spending most of his working hours making cold calls and advertising in most airline magazines, hoping to attract new customers. He did indeed attract hundreds of new customers with his friendly attitude, but more importantly, he instilled the important belief of treating each and every customer as if they were family. Over the past 37 years, Shop4ties has grown from our first few hundred customers to having manufactured over a million ties and scarves for tens of thousands of customers.  Today the company is led by Arnie’s daughter Becky Galvez as CEO and with Rhonda Kapp as CFO.

Our Commitment to Quality

We’ve worked hard over the years to establish strong relationships with our suppliers in order to deliver high quality products with low minimums at the best pricing on the market. We’ve expanded our products to include ties, bow ties, scarves, and formalwear sets as well as Hawaiian shirts to meet the needs of our customers. Our client base spans across many industries, including universities and schools, private and public sector companies, transportation companies, clubs and fraternities, government organizations and non-profits, as well as individuals.

When you’re looking to brand and unify your organization, please contact us so you too can join us for a long term partnership!

Meet the Family Behind Our Great Designs

We're a close-knit team of experienced clothiers and designers who are inspired each day to design custom garments for our fantastic customers.