Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to some frequently asked questions about our ties, scarves, and Hawaiian shirts. We can design anything your imagination can envision!
I want to make an order. What do you need?
We will ask you to send your logo in a high resolution (preferably .ai or .eps) file format.  These are both vector art files which allows the artist to resize and make any necessary changes with out recreating the logo.

If you don’t have either of these, you can send us a high resolution jpeg and we’ll go from there. Tell us if you have any particular colors you’d like (Pantone colors preferred) and your design ideas, and our artists will give you a few options to start with.

How long is the entire process from start to finish?
From the date of final artwork approval, ties and scarves generally take about 5-6 weeks to be received, and Hawaiian shirts take 5-7 weeks.  Artwork approval can take one week to a few weeks, depending on your needs and the amount of revisions required. Requesting a sample of your order also adds another 2-3 weeks onto the total turnaround time. If you need changes to your test swatch or sample, this may also add extra time to your order.

Please let us know if you have a hard in-hand deadline as soon as possible and we will let you know of our current turnaround times. We can often accommodate a faster turnaround time — just contact us and we will discuss your options.

We ask that you be aware that there are occasionally unexpected manufacturing or custom delays beyond our control; these instances are rare, but we recommend that if your order has a must-have-by deadline to place your order sooner rather than later to avoid any possible issues.

What is your return policy?

We take pride in our high-quality products and want you to be proud to wear them too.  As everything is made-to-order to your specifications, we cannot accept returns generally.  However, we realize sometimes mistakes happen.

As part of our ordering process, we’ll send you a test swatch for approval before your full order is manufactured.  If your items are not as you approved or have manufacturer defects, please contact us directly and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

Is artwork included with my custom neckwear?
We include a few rounds of initial artwork for your ties and scarves at no extra charge. Just send us your logo, preferred colors, and ideas, and our artists will create some fresh designs just for you.  We can also provide templates and specifications for your art department as well.

To get started, we need a high-resolution image file for your logo (preferably .ai or .eps) file format. If you don’t have either of these, you can send us a high resolution jpeg and we’ll go from there. Tell us if you have any particular colors you’d like (Pantone colors preferred) and your design ideas, and our artists will give you a few options to start with.

We include two hours of design time free of charge for smaller orders (30-99 pieces), which is generally enough for a few starting designs and some revisions, depending on how complex your design is.  We include more design time with larger orders (100+ pieces).  If your design requires additional revisions past our complimentary time, our artwork fees are billed at $45/hour.  We will notify you in advance of reaching your artwork time limit and then add your additional time to your invoice.

For scarves, we include two screen colors with 30+ pieces orders, three colors with 50+ piece orders, four colors with 100+ piece orders, and so on.  Additional screen colors are $50 each.

What about creating my Hawaiian shirt designs?
We include shirt artwork with a committed shirt order.  However, if you decide not to purchase shirts after we create artwork, or if you have excessive revisions, we will bill you for the art design time. Usually a few rounds of shirt artwork is 3-5 hours, for which we are billed $45/hr.  We include 4 hours with orders of up to 100 pieces.
Most customers find a design they love within a few rounds, so this mainly applies if we make artwork and you decide to not get shirts after all.  When you pay for your artwork charges, we will send you your shirt design files to keep for the future.  If you decide to order shirts later instead, we will deduct the cost of your artwork from your purchase.
Can you match colors?
As we work with many businesses with trademarked designs, we are experienced in color matching our ties to particular colors and logos.  We utilize the Pantone color matching system (PMS) to track colors as accurately as possible from the artwork to finished product.  For the most accurate color matching, we recommend printing for your ties, though with woven ties they will match your colors as closely as possible to the thread colors available.

However, perfect color replication is not guaranteed: PMS colors are for printing ink on paper, but we are using dye on fabric. Please note that colors can also appear different on your screen than paper or fabric.

If needed, we can request a physical sample with a placed order for you to verify the color; however, this adds 2-3 weeks onto your turnaround time.

What sizes can I order Hawaiian shirts in?
We can make your order into any split of men and women’s sizes, from XS-5XL (2XL-5XL are $5 more each). Our men’s/unisex sizing is designed for a looser fit like a traditional Hawaiian shirt.  Our women’s shirts are smaller/more fitted.  Otherwise they are the same cut (just with the buttons on the opposite side for the women’s shirts).

Please note that women’s sizing, especially the women’s small and medium, does run small.  We recommend you may want to go up a size or two for the women’s sizes, or use the men’s/unisex sizing instead.

If you’re unsure what sizes to order, generally the breakdowns are roughly 10% S, 20% M, 30% L, 35% XL, and 5% 2XL.  This can vary and you can adjust as necessary, but we tend to see this a lot.

You can find our full manufacturer’s sizing chart here.

What is the difference between woven or printed ties?
Woven ties have a richer texture, and are great for showcasing a distinct emblem.  Weaving the design makes it part of the fabric itself, not embroidered on top of a preexisting tie.  Because weaving relies on arranging threads in the fabric, designs that are very complex may be better for digital printing.  There is a limit of six solid, flat colors for weaving designs as well.

While our manufacturers do their best to match Pantone colors in a tie design, they must match the available woven thread colors to the design colors, so sometimes there is a small variation in color from the design to the final woven product.

Printed ties generally use digital printing, which is similar to inkjet printing for fabric and allows for the ties to have full colors and gradients.  It is ideal for designs that have many colors or that are too complex to be reproduced with weaving, such as artwork or photographs.  Digital printing is the best method to match Pantone colors as closely as possible. However, tiny details and text are less crisp with digital printing than weaving ties.

Both digitally printing and weaving ties take about 5-6 weeks for the full order to come in.

Which is the difference between digital printing and screen printing?
Digital printing is similar to an inkjet printing process for fabric and allows for full-color designs and gradients.  This makes it a great choice for reproducing artwork or colorful designs. It is suitable for any order size from 30 pieces and up for scarves and ties, and 50+ pieces for Hawaiian shirts.   Digital printing is excellent for matching Pantone colors exactly, and it is more efficient with dye, making it more environmentally friendly as well.

However, this means the dye doesn’t penetrate the fabric as thoroughly for some fabrics, making some scarf fabrics have a ‘right side’ and a ‘wrong side’ of the fabric, especially for darker scarf designs.  Please contact us for your scarf fabric options and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options.  As you don’t see the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric for ties or Hawaiian shirts, this is less an issue for those products.

Screen printing uses screens for the dye to be applied to the fabric one color at a time. This allows for designs to have smaller details and for the dye to penetrate the fabric more thoroughly.  Because this is a less efficient dye process, our manufacturers only screen print designs of 250+ pieces, depending on size.  Screen printed designs must also have solid, flat colors, usually represented by Pantone colors, and we have limits on the amount of screen colors, depending on the order size.

Do you guarantee delivery by a specific date?
If we accept your order subject to delivery by a specific date, then you have the option to reject the order if the delivery terms are not met.

Please notify us if you have a hard deadline, so we can establish the time frame needed to ensure your in-hand date. While we do our best to ensure every customer receives their order in a timely fashion, we cannot guarantee delivery for dates that we are not given in advance.

If your order is a rush order (ie, shorter than our stated general turnaround times for that item) and we must ship your order directly or overnight, you will be responsible for those shipping charges.  We have no other rush fees.

I am a new customer. How many ties or scarves can I order?
For ties and scarves, our minimum order is generally 50 pieces. Please note that you can’t combine these quantities to make 25 ties and 25 scarves; these products require two very different processes to make.

The absolute minimum we can do is 30 ties or 30 scarves, with a $3.00 surcharge per tie and a $5.00 surcharge per scarf.  Learn more about SCARVES and TIES.

Hawaiian shirts have a 50 piece minimum. As we make these custom shirts from the fabric up, we cannot accomodate smaller orders.

What are your billing terms?

Once your order is finalized, we request full payment on acceptance of the order confirmation.

Please contact our financial expert Rhonda with any questions about estimates, invoices, or other billing concerns.

Do you have any other fees?
Your total includes the pricing for your custom neckwear or shirts, any additional artwork or screen charges, and the shipping charges from our headquarters in Chicago to you.  Please let us know if you need a formal estimate or have any other billing concerns.
Where are you located?
Our family business is headquartered in Chicago.  A few of our designers work remotely, and our long-term manufacturing partner is located overseas.
What is “Corporate Textiles”?
Our incorporated name is “Corporate Textiles” and so invoices and such will be noted from that name.  However, as our website is, we use that name more frequently.  You can call us whichever you prefer!
My question isn't answered here!
Fear not — we’re just a quick phone call or email away!  Contact us at 800-998-TIES (8437) or drop us a line at

4 Easy Steps: Order Custom Ties, Masks, or Scarves

Initial Contact

After your initial call or email showing interest, we’ll send you samples of our custom ties and scarves so that you can both see and touch the quality of our products.  Samples are the best way to be able to see the fine workmanship first hand.

Artist’s Concept

Now you’ve decided that custom neckwear is the perfect incentive or promotional product for your company. The only problem? You aren’t a designer and don’t quite know which direction to go in.  Leave it to our artists to provide you with unique and creative designs--all you have to do is select your favorite!

Final Artwork

Before we manufacture your neckwear, we want to be sure you’re completely happy with the design, so we submit final artwork for your approval. Our artist’s rendering is an accurate digital representation of what your neckwear will look like. Your satisfaction is key to our success!


Four to six weeks after you approve the production proof, your order will be delivered. Our normal lead time from artist’s concept to finished neckwear is eight to ten weeks. However, we can usually accommodate your special time limits, just contact us!

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We’ll guide you through the process of designing and ordering your custom gear.

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